MARCH 2023

  1. HEALTH: Our bodies are aging and seem to have much to complain about! We thank God for His strength which enables us to continue even when we feel weak! Continue to pray that God would touch us – heal us and allow us to continue to serve Him in whatever area He asks us to serve! 
  1. BIBLE SCHOOL: March 7th the final session of this group of students starts and will end on the 11th. Two professors will be here from England – one of which is also suffering some health issues – but- God has given him the courage and strength to come and teach these precious souls about His word! Pray for the students as they seek to know God and His Word better – more fully – more truly – for His glory – for the increase in the Kingdom of God! 
  1. WAR: God’s word says that in end days there will be wars and rumours of war. Pray for God’s protection over all countries involved and that God will move in the hearts of the people – that their hearts would be prepared and His will would be done. Pray for peace – in the world – and in our hearts!
  1. SPIRITUAL WARFARE: The spiritual warfare is fierce! Satan is trying to deceive as many as he can in these last days! Pray for God’s children to have the strength and power to stand up against the evil that surrounds us and that the people we are in contact with would see the love of Jesus and desire His strength and peace in their lives as well.