JUNE 2022

HEALTH:   Thankful for God’s strength and His healing in our lives.  No, we are not 100% fit, we both have much pain  but we thank God that He continues to give us all that we need physically.   Albert continues to lose strength in his right side and his intestines give him frequent trouble but we are still able to minister, to encourage and mentor and do the important things that we need to continue.

Pray for healing, for God’s continued strength and for God’s will to be done through these ‘bodies’ that He has given us.

BIBLE SCHOOL:    June 20th begins another semester.  Thankful for the dedicated students who continue to give their time to learning God’s Word.   Thankful for the professors who give their time, knowledge, wisdom and love to the students.

Pray that minds and hearts would be open to receive God’s words and to apply them to their lives and make them more efficient in reaching others and making disciples of many!

NEW HOPE CAMP:   So thankful for this beautiful camp site which God has blessed us with.   July starts family and teen camps.

Pray for each group – that God would reveal Himself in a new way – that would change lives for the glory of God.

FINANCES:   So thankful for the awesome God we serve and the people that He has blessed us with who continue to bless us with finances.  We pray blessings on each one of you for your faithfulness and thank God that He always gives us ‘just the right amount’ of funds to do the jobs that are needed – even with soaring prices – He knows and through provides!   Thank you and God bless!

Shout with us – even as we go through times which seem mundane at times – God is working – and has plans for VICTORY!